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Editorial Member
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology
Khulna, Bangladesh
Editorial Member
AliAkbar Ahmadi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kharazmi University
Tehran, Iran
Editorial Member
Anguo Zhang
Research Institute of Ruijie, Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Editorial Member
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Editorial Member
Cristian Paul Chioncel
Department of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, "Eftimie Murgu" University of Resita
Resita, Romania
Editorial Member
Daher Sayfeddine
Department of Mechatronics, South Russian State Polytechnic University
Nowocherkassk, Oman
Editorial Member
Dariusz Horla
Institute of Control, Robotics and Information Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Poznan University of Technoogy
Poznan, Poland
Editorial Member
Duck Bong Kim
Department of Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Tennessee Technological University
Cookeville, Tennessee, USA
Editorial Member
Ehsan Zakeri
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchestan
Shiraz, Fars, Iran
Editorial Member
Fanwei Meng
School of Control Engineering, Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao
Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
Editorial Member
Guoqi Li
Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Editorial Member
Hamid Khodabandehlou
Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada, USA
Editorial Member
Hong Bo Gao
State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Tsinghua University
Beijing, China
Editorial Member
College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Editorial Member
Huashan Liu
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Donghua University
Shanghai, China
Editorial Member
Ionel Staretu
Department of Product Design, Mechatronics and Environment, Transilvania University of Brasov
Brasov, Romania
Editorial Member
Konstantinos Arvanitis
Department of Natural Resources management and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens
Athens, Attika, Greece
Editorial Member
Laith Mohammad Abualigah
School of Computer Science, Nuiversiti Sains Malaysia
Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Editorial Member
Lei Zhang
College of Communication Engineering, Chongqing University
Chongqing, China
Editorial Member
Lin Pan
School of Logistics Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology
Wuhan, Hubei, China
Editorial Member
Mai Thang Long
Faculty of Electronics Technology, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Editorial Member
Maksim Davydov
Department of Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
Minsk, Belarus
Editorial Member
Mariana Petrova
Department of Information Technology, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Editorial Member
Mathavaraj Ravikumar T.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology,Technical Campus
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Editorial Member
Memet Kule
Department of Mathematics, Kilis 7 Aralık University
Kilis, Turkey
Editorial Member
Miguel Delgado-Prieto
Department of Electronics, Technical University of Catalonia
Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
Editorial Member
Ming-Feng Yeh
Department of Electrical Engineering, Lunghaw University of Science and Technology
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Editorial Member
Mohamad Reza Ramezani-al
Department of Electrical Engineering, Quchan University of Advanced Technology
Quchan, Khorasan-e-Razavi, Iran
Editorial Member
Mohammad Tabatabaei
Department of Electrical Engineering, Khomeinishahr Branch, Islamic Azad University
Isfahan, Iran
Editorial Member
Mohammad Abdulrahman Al-Mashhadani
Department of Computer Techniques Engineering, Al-Maarif University
Ramadi, Al-Anbar, Iraq
Editorial Member
Mohammad Reza Zarrabi
Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Damghan University
Damghan, Semnan, Iran
Editorial Member
Mohsen Maniat
Civil Engineering Department, the University of Memphis
Memphis, TN, USA
Editorial Member
Moussa Hamadache
Department of Engineering, University of Ferrara
Ferrara, Italy
Editorial Member
Musa Ataş
Department of Computer Engineering, Siirt University
Siirt, Turkey
Editorial Member
Department of Electronics and Automation, Iskenderun Technical University
Iskenderun, Hatay, Turkey
Editorial Member
Mustafa Dursun
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Duzce University
Duzce, Konuralp, Turkey
Editorial Member
Olga Popova
Department of Information Systems and Programming, Kuban State Technological University
Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Russia
Editorial Member
Seungchul Ryu
Department of Electronical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University
Seoul, South Korea
Editorial Member
Shoeb Hussain
Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology, University of Kashmir
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Editorial Member
Tarun Varshney
Department of Electrical Engineering, Surendera Group of Institutions Sriganganagar
Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, India
Editorial Member
Tiago Pinto
Bisite Research Group, University of Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain
Editorial Member
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences and Humanities, Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering
Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Editorial Member
Wael Chakchouk
Higher National Engineering School of Tunis (ENSIT), University of Tunis
Tunis, Tunisia
Editorial Member
Waheed Abdul
School of International Education, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
Beijing, China
Editorial Member
Wenlong Fu
College of Electrical Engineering and New Energy, China Three Gorges University
Yichang, Hubei, China
Editorial Member
Division of Systems Engineering, Boston University
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Editorial Member
Yanzheng Zhu
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University
Sydney, Australia
Editorial Member
Yi Gao
School of Electronic Engineering, Xi'an Shiyou University
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Editorial Member
Yuanxin Li
Department of Science, Liaoning University of Technology
Jinzhou, Liaoning, China
Editorial Member
Yury Nikitin
Department of Mechatronic Systems, Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University
Izhevsk, Udmurtiy, Russia
Editorial Member
Zhe Li
Department of Control Theory and Engineering, Hunan University
Changsha, Hunan, China
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